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Transatlantic cooperation discussed in Iceland

Created: 2019.06.06 / Updated: 2019.06.06 13:33
    Transatlantic cooperation discussed in Iceland

     On 5-6 June, the Political Directors' Meeting of the initiative of the Enhanced Partnership in Northern Europe (e-PINE) took place in Reykjavík.

    Political Directors of Foreign Ministries of the Baltic-U.S.-Nordic (NB8) countries discussed transatlantic cooperation, the EU-NATO relationship, and Russia's ongoing aggression against Ukraine. Participants also adjusted their positions on the effects of China's growing influence, issues pertaining to the Middle East, the Arctic, the impacts of environmental and economic activities on the oceans.

    The Political Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  Lithuania Asta Skaisgirytė highlighted that transatlantic cooperation was an important pillar of security in our region.

    “We must maintain the unity of the Nordic and Baltic states, and of the United States in the face of the threat posed by Russia and its ongoing aggression against Ukraine. Together, we are much stronger. Let's join forces to clear the obstacles blocking our transatlantic cooperation path,” said A. Skaisgirytė.

    The e-PINE is a U.S. and NB8 cooperation initiative. It was officially launched in 2003. The initiative aims to consolidate regional security and stability, and to benefit neighboring regions through sharing the experience of the Nordic and Baltic states.

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